DETRA-Africa is registered as a firm of experts that is able to undertake Environment Impact Assessment, Environment and Social Impact Assessment/ Resettlement Action Plans in Eastern Africa. We have a team of registered experts who can support your organization or company attain compliance to national and international development regulations including the IFC standards

Impact Assessment and Planning

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Globally, (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) is a MANDATORY requirement for major development projects.  Preparation of ESIA reports is often undertaken in accordance with the requirements of international finance institutions, to gain national permits to operate and secure financing.

Our Services

  • Baseline and feasibility studies
  • Screening and scoping reports
  • Resettlement and livelihood restoration issues and planning
  • Environmental and Social Management Frameworks
  • Resettlement Policy Frameworks
  • Indigenous Peoples Policy Frameworks-Vulnerable
  • Integrated Pest Management Frameworks
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Indigenous Peoples Plans
  • Pest Management Plans
  • Physical and biological environment baseline studies and reporting
  • Socio-economic and cultural heritage baseline studies and reporting
  • Marine environment baseline studies and reporting, and impact assessments
  • Ecological and biodiversity baseline studies and reporting
  • Critical habitat assessments and offsetting
  • Ecosystem services assessments
  • Human rights and human health assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement plans and implementation
  • Environmental and social impact assessments and cumulative impact assessments and reporting
  • Environment and social management plans and systems

Environmental Management and Permitting

  • Compliance audits, surveys and inspections
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental legal register development and update
  • Environmental management system (EMS) compliance
  • Environmental report verification
  • Legislation counsel
  • Resource efficiency
  • Waste management
  • Air quality
  • Compliance
  • Greenhouse gas and emissions trading services
  • Identifying BAT
  • IPPC and COMAH

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Detra-Africa undertakes Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for private and public development projects. As an experienced consultant in the EIA field, Detra-Africa has also been in the forefront of SEA and often joins forces with planning consultants and local authorities in their strategic approach to development.

Detra-Africa’s experience in SEA ranges from:

  • Waste management plan
  • National transport plan
  • Regional land use plan
  • Strategic management
  • Planning and zoning

Emission Measurements

  • Noise assessments for planning applications
  • Building and architectural acoustics consultancy services (design and compliance) for educational, health care and other commercial developments
  • Environmental noise and vibration monitoring (baseline, investigatory and compliance), short and long term
  • Computational noise modelling (SoundPlan, CATT and CadnaA)
  • Rail and road traffic noise modelling and predictions
  • Sound insulation tests for walls and floors
  • Industrial noise assessments and noise control (planning and environmental permitting)
  • Structural vibration assessments and vibration isolation
  • Occupational noise monitoring and consultancy
  • Wind farm noise assessments
  • Noise and vibration for construction and demolition works and construction noise management plan production
  • Technical specialist for public inquiries and hearings

EHS Compliance and Due Diligence

Environment, Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Permitting

EHS Management

Environmental Management Systems

Air Quality

Asbestos Management and Disposal

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