Development Training and Research Africa (DETRA-Africa) is a registered NGO, Training, Consultancy and Institute  in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda specializing in development programme delivery, building capacity of the workforce in the development and private sector and providing unique consulting services to clients all over Africa. DETRA Africa also works with rural communities through NGO partners to provide rare field research and training in participatory field programs.  We mainly focus in the areas of the areas of Health, Enterprise, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, specifically to undertake Training, Documentation, Environmental Impact Assessments and Audits, Project Management, Strategic planning, Resource Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation.
DETRA Africa has over 5 years experience in providing training, while the staff bring in a combined experience of over 30 years.  All the senior staff and directors of the firm have had extensive consultancy and research experience locally and internationally in socio-economics, health, agriculture and engineering.
We also offer unique training programmes that we share our experience from the field partners we work with. Participatory approaches are applied in all our trainings. Our staff and associates are highly qualified, with 60%  PhD degrees holders and 40% Masters degree in addition to other advanced certifications.
The group is also has a support team of about five individuals trained in various office administrative  and field management  courses for data collection analysis and  interpretation plus other appropriate office assignments.

Detra-Africa is run by a Board of Directors and a team of other professional officers and volunteers.


The partners and associates in DETRA have over 30 years experience in specific areas of focus in Africa, Europe, Asia and Middle East. This diverse experience has enabled us to have a masterly acumen in areas such as development of value chains, economic mapping, feasibility studies, business planning, resource mobilization, evaluation and capacity building. Notable has been our support to the Agriculture and Natural Resources sub sector, in development of programmes and enterprises around furniture, vegetables, honey, fruits, vanilla, ground nuts, allanblackia, cashew nuts, cardamom, shea nut and potatoes.


We have also trained and facilitated various courses and consultancies for a number of international organizations in Africa.