DETRA Africa Focus
Our core services involve around the sectors of project development and education, value chain and enterprise, health and environment. We focus on

  • Training and capacity development
  • Studies and consultancies in health, environment, agriculture and natural resources, enterprise
  • Long term programme management
  • Environmental impact assessments and audits
  • Evaluations and documentation of projects and programmes
  • Project audits and strategy planning
  • Staff building and team leadership development
  • Contract farming scheme design, monitoring and evaluation

DETRA Expertise
We have a wide range of expertise including

  • Private sector and NGO program development, management and evaluation
  • Value chain analysis and sub-sector studies
  • Developing innovative projects for emerging markets
  • Proposal development and resource mobilization
  • Capacity building for small enterprise development
  • Markets linkage for small entrepreneurs
  • Capacity building for NGO and private sector personnel

. DETRA Aproach

  • Our willingness to learn from our clients through feedback
  • We strive to adapt and develop new approaches of development
  • We believe in social entrepreneurship and business to business support
  • We continuously improve the approaches and skills we teach our clients
  • We are multi-cultural and integrate North-South values and attributes to our work
  • We operate a network of highly professional consultants who are ready to share widely their experienc