DETRA-Africa is a registered NGO undertaking programmes in three key areas of development and livelihood improvement. It has an aim of empowering and strengthening local institutions and communities’ capacity to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease.

To empower and strengthen local institutions and communities’ capacity to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease.:


To fight poverty and disease in Africa. We seek to network people, organizations and resources in Eastern Africa for sustainable development and work in partnership with community based groups and organizations in Eastern Africa assisting them acquire technical, human and financial resources from all parts of the world.

Promote grassroots community development through building the capacity of local people in the area of Environment and Climate Change; Health and livelihoods improvement; Infrastructure and enterprise and through promotion of voluntary action.
Over the years we have trained community groups, other NGO’s and CBO’s in the area of Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPM&E), Disaster and conflict management, Strategic Management, HIV/AIDS and Gender Mainstreaming, Organizational Development and development of organizational M&E frameworks. We have also supported partners in training in the area of Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SNRM), Participatory Planning in Natural Resource Management (PPNRM), Community Based Watershed Management (CBWM), action research, leadership and management techniques.
We have also supported organizations raise funds for projects, and through partnerships, managed some of these projects. So far DETRA-Africa has supported partners in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, and alongside other material items for community projects such as computers, books and medical equipments.
DETRA-Africa has successfully implemented projects in Kenya (around Mt Kenya, in Kitui, Nairobi, Naivasha and Nakuru); in Uganda (around Mpigi, Masaka and Masindi); and in Tanzania (in Arusha and Mwanza). Projects have been in the area of health, information and communications technology, environment conservation and entrepreneurship.